Lost Automation

I’m doing a simple volume automation on a group track. I’m building a slow crescendo that goes from -36 to -10db in the mix. The line shows that it’s lower in the volume lane at -36 and it show a diagonal movement up to the -10 marker. The browser shows -36 at the start point and -10 at the end point. But the channel’s fader volume never changes. It shows -36 the entire time, even though you can hear it increasing in volume. Why isn’t the channel volume on the fader sliding up?
Anybody else dealt with something like this?

Is it possible that it is clip level that has been automated, and not the actual volume (controlled by fader)?

I suppose anything is possible. I’ll check it.

Nope, not a clip issue. It’s a group track. I’ve got 4 horns feeding this group track. I went to the group track’s automation lane and wrote a gradual increase of volume from -36 to -10db. The fader never moves. What are those smaller numbers right above the fader’s number? They’re in the same window as the fader numbers at the very bottom of the fader. I can’t find any description for those numbers in the manual. They ARE moving up with the volume. But they don’t reflect -36 to -10db, rather they are going from -25 to -17.9db(?!!?). I don’t get it!

The numbers above the level is the peak leavel --I think
–Is it possible that you are automating a send or plugin for that channel
Did you right click on the track channel and select show USED automation


Thanks a lot!!! That did it! I selected the SHOW USED AUTOMATION option and it instantly showed the numbers moving again. :smiley: What do I need to watch in the future to insure that this function doesn’t accidentally get turned off?