Lost boy's Wake up Call - track using Prologue exclusively

A track I made some months ago, using Steinberg’s Prologue exclusively for every sound.
Some presets were used (strings and horn), some sounds I programmed myself, including the snaredrum, leadguitar(ish) and bell sound.
Enjoy and thanks in advance for constructive criticism :slight_smile:
DAW used: Cubase 6.5.5, project info is on Soundcloud.


great sounds ,good composition ,the ending gave me the same feeling as the Human League`s “Hard Times”. no negatives here. well done.

You got some some nice sounds outa prologue :slight_smile:

Thank you, Polgara and Shadowfax. Prologue is nice and maybe even underrated. Its features were a big reason for me to get Cubase, some years ago.

Aloha and nice.
Very very nice.

You really know that ax.

I stopped using Prologue (along with Spector and Mystic) awhile ago (too inconsistent)
but after hearing this I guess I’ll break them out again.

Mahalo for the inspiration! (and the art work is also nice)

One question:
Did you use the ‘stock’ Prologue VSTi or did you also have/use the ‘Prologue Discoveries’
sound-set as well? TIA.

Sending much Aloha.

Hallo from the Netherlands, Curteye. Thank your for the praise.
I used the stock Prologue without soundsets. I like the new synths very much but I wanted to do something with a synth that almost nobody seems to use nowadays. :smiley:
I used it for an anniversary edition of KVR Audio’s OneSynthChallenge, did not get a top ranking this time, but it was fun to do. And yes, I was the only contestant using Prologue :wink: .

excellent work! …with an under rated synth. most people don’t give steinberg vst’s enough credit.

Ok guys I am going to give prologue a try ‘live’ tomorrow and Saturday nights.

I have always loved the sound of that plug but… for example:
I would save and close a project and when I opened it again, prologue’s settings would have changed.

Definitely not good for live work.

So after reading this thread I have picked one song (Stevie Wonder’s ‘Creepin’) and put lost o’
prologue though out.

If this works, (for a couple/three of weeks) I’ll probably start to add more prologue to my stuff.

Tanx again to ‘The Present’ for the inspiration.

@Ferencz, thanks a lot!

@Curteye, don’t know if you have the 6.5.5 update, but the other 6.5 updates caused Prologue to change all the presets using finetuning every time you use one.
I like prologue for being very light on ASIO and CPU and of course it has ridiculous amounts of waveforms and modulation possibilities. And I’m not using it very much nowadays, being spoilt with Retrologue and recently Synthmaster, what a machine that is. :astonished:

Thanks, good to hear a good example of Prologue. I do use it sparingly now and then myself.


Seem to work fine last weekend so I’ll be trying it again tonight and tomorrow.

If all goes well Prologue is back in the line-up!

Can ‘Mystic’ and ‘Spector’ be far behind?

One step at a time.

Love this board!

Cool track, very reminiscent of SNES RPG game soundtracks as in the genre, not any one specific piece. Not much else to say really, enjoyed listening and imagining SNES RPG sequences. ;p

@early21 thank you!
@curteye, good to read you are happy with prologue :slight_smile:
@jonathan5456 thanks, there were several other people telling me the same. I know next to nothing about jrpg’s but since some folks keep telling me, it must be true then? :smiley:

Nice job, great sounds! :sunglasses:

I don’t think I’ve ever used Prologue myself…


Really good track. I must admit that I tend to overlook the Steinberg synths and always turn to my spectrasonics or Nexus etc. I really must have a go at the Steinberg ones - so thanks for motivating me.