Lost cd for cubase ai and wavelab LE that came with cl2+ audio interface

Hi Team,
Hope you are well, I purchased the cl2+ audio interface however missing the cd for cubase AI, wondering is this is available and the wavelab le. Thank you

Welcome. Start here:

Cubase AI

Once you have your My Steinberg account and have downloaded and installed the Download Assistant, you’ll be able to download both Cubase 12 AI and Wavelab 11 LE from under the appropriate headings. You can hit the Install All or cherry-pick just the content you want.

well yes but I am looking for the AI version that came with the device, normally the device comes with a cd that can just be used to install was hoping to get that cd file…’

As far as I know, it should be the same as the download. I have seen in the past manufacturers make specific software builds to go with specific hardware (eMagic SoundDiver for Line6 products back in the early 00’s), but I’m pretty sure this is not the case with Cubase.