Lost & Confused...LOL - Big Post - Big Picture - Lots of ?

Hey Folks,

I’m trying very hard not loose my sense of humor as I run through all the various software programs, libraries and tweaks.

I’m getting bogged down, and it is stiffling my creativity. SO I thought I would throw this out to the world, and see what it sends back.

I have a vision in my head of where I want to go. That said, my intention is to write in 4 different genres, because my mind likes to roam around and do different things.

I know that some software programs are better suited for some things than others. Currently I’m running Presonus Studio One Artist on my PC, its ok. I’m sure I haven’t done all I can in it. That said…things I find it a little limiting. Obcourse it could jut be terminology or lack of knowledge.

I do study classical piano. Which is fun and wonderful and all those good things. But…I also like classical music. SO I would also like to be able to write a Fugue, Sonata, Concerto (piano or strings), Symphony, and Nocturnes. These are classical structures. But what’s best to write them in? Then there’s what I call film scoring. Its those orchestral type of works, which may or may not be associated with a film, that you just love to listen to.

I’ve heard Cubase maybe the best for this genre. Still though within Cubase, there’s Pro and then there’s Artist and Elements. But which one gives best bang for buck? What quality level are we looking at for the VST’s within said Cubase packages. I mean a full a symphony has 80 instruments, extended over 100 perhaps?

The next genre I intend to write for, although granted it maybe easy to write. Is top 40/adult contemporary. I’ve already got a few binders full of lyrics. But it could be anything from a solo piano, to a full 25 piece band. As a sub genre, may include folk/celtic. Which will have a different set of instruments, and song structure maybe different than standardized top 40.

THe last genre I’m looking at is dance/tranz. Already have a more than one set of lyrics for songs. SO giving them the right grove to bring them to life is paramount.

Yes I understand music theory. I’m studying more and more about the structures of classical music, and modern day song writing. Having said that. I compose, not by note, but by SOUND.

When I sit at my Bluthner, to compose, something or even doing improv. I give little consideration for key signature or even time. But rather let the mood and sound dictate where those elements fall into place.

Lastly: How robust is the VST library. There’s so many out there. Vienna, Adagio, East-West, Garritan, etc.etc. I’m sure I could port one of those expensive libraries into the DAW. But now I have to ask, which one is most appropriate.

Anyway, I gave the big picture. I’m just not sure which Cubase package is best.

Work flow goes like this

Home Studio -> Idea -> Draft -> Compose ->Electronic resemblence Completion -> Notation ->
Professional Studio -> Live musicians -> Live recording -> Final Mixing and Mastering
========>>Public release.

I may stay PC for now: I would like to go to mac. However, I’m having difficulty in my relations with apple right now and getting straight answers. Further, with the release of skylake (New cpu chip, due out sometime in 2015), and CannonLake (due out 2016/2017), I am having difficulty in dropping $2500 on a macbook pro using 2013/2014 chips, that will be (by apple’s own admission) outdated in 2 years.

But that also brings me to my next question: how much computer is enough? I know cubase wants 8GB of ram (pro), but does that include what the OS needs, and any VST libraries? or is the VST library in addition to? would 16 GB be sufficient for a 100 piece orchestra with the corresponding number of tracks to match. i7 a definite requirement?

Anyway, if you folks have any ideas feel free to post here, or send me a PM.

Thanks a bundle

-Bootz :slight_smile: