Lost Connection To Samples

Had a weird thing happen. Out of the blue yesterday - ON a session (not appreciated), The Grand 3 lost connection to the samples. I can’t remember exactly what the error message was but it happened when loading both the plugin and the stand alone app and in both 32bit and 64bit apps. The GUI loaded but I could not load sounds. I keep the samples themselves on their own HD.

I seem to have fixed the problem today by running a defrag on my C, Audio and Piano drives and defragging the registry. Still troubling that this would happen and none of them were seriously fragmented.

I remember having a very confusing time when I installed TG3 figuring out how to get the samples on a different drive while having the app on the C drive and when confronted with this problem yesterday I couldn’t find anything in the GUI to simply tell the app where the samples were. In Altiverb there is a simple command for scanning the IR folder. If it ever gets lost it can be pointed back to it in 2 seconds. Something similar would be nice for TH3.

I have to say, overall I’ve been a bit disappointed by TH3. In some scenarios it’s worked out ok but in general it doesn’t pass for a real piano. There’s an effortless top end to a real piano that is able to have a muted quality while still ringing notes clearly that frankly no sample package I’ve heard really achieves. It’s either a shrill peaking top end, or muted without the clarity. The same is true on the low mids. There is a heft that is not muddy in a real piano…with the samples it’s either too thin or mud. The brass ring remains elusive.