Lost .CPR File.. PLEASE HELP!!!


I am very nervous right now so I don’t have time to check if I am in the right spot for this question and so on…

I have somehow lost my .cpr project file.

I do however have the audio, images , feeze and so on folders still in place.

Is there any way for me to recreate the .cpr file out of these folders. Somehow?


If you go to File, Recent projects, do you see the .cpr file there? Do you save your .cpr files to the same folder, or do you make a new folder for each song (the latter is what I would recommend)?

If you recorded with broadcast wave, you could import the audio files to a new empty project and do a “Move to Origin” This would set the files back to their original recording location. Then you would need to make your edits again.

no, you cannot recreate the session. but with any luck you may have a .bak file in there that you can open.