Lost Cubase 5 installation DVD

I lost my cubase 5 installation dvd. I have the license key. Please advise how I can download the software.

Contact Support. They should be able to provide you with a download link.

Thank you! And could you advise the contact e-mail please? I have written to the several addresses during the last 5 days and have no answer yet…

You contact support through your My Steinberg account.

Thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately I have no opportunity to make a requirement in My Steinberg, because when I make it only a list of distributors appears and I have written to all of them - noone has replied. I use several Steinberg licenses (Cubase 5, Cubase 7,5 and Nuendo 6) and I have never applied to their support. I have never thought that the Steinberg company won’t contact me back during 6 days in case of emergency…

Sorry about that. I guess they have different support structures in some countries.
Hopefully, someone will reply soon.

Hello Keksmusic,

sorry for the late reply. In your case, the Distributor would be Yamaha, they can provide such download links.

I’m sending you you a PM.


Dear Moderator,

I have the same issue, could you send me the link,either?

Thank you so much!! :neutral_face: