Lost Cubase LE4 Software CD

Hi All Ive lost my Cubase LE4 sotfware while moving house, I have all my licence keys can anyone tell me if I can download another copy somewhere if I have my licence keys


Contact support or your local distributor.

Thanks it came with my Zoom G2.1u stomp box I checked with Zoom this is there answer below…

How do I use the bundled Cubase LE 4 / LE 5 application?Cubase LE 4 / LE 5 is an OEM product supplied by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. Cubase LE 4 / LE 5 operation is not covered by ZOOM Corporation support. For information on use, refer to the PDF manual or to reference books available on the market.

Ive looked on the Steinberg media site and cant find anything?

When you have the LE versions it’s not a good idea to lose the disk!! You might could find a download online as a torrent file, if you could provide the license. Otherwise, you would need to go ahead and purchase Cubase Elements 6 if the Googling doesn’t turn up anything. You might also try contacting Steinberg to see if they could send you another installation disc. Just a few thoughts.

For OEM versions you need to contact the manufacturer of the product it was bundled with (in your case Zoom).