Lost cubasis app when replace old ipad with a new one

Hello, i recently buy a new ipad to teplace the old one, i download it again in appstore with correct id, the cubasis app i purchased some months ago. and when i open cubasis in the new ipad, it is only trial version, i need help to restore the purchased app.

Hi Franelectro,
Your previous version of Cubasis should automatically transfer to your new iPad with iCloud, it should also show the “Download from Cloud” symbol next to Cubasis3 on the App Store.

I download it again, but my purchase is lost, only trial version when download from icloud, any help? I purchased extra drum machines, arps, everything is lost

Hi @Franelectro,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!
Your iOS app and/or IAP purchases are stored to your Apple ID / App Store account.

  • Please make sure to log onto the App Store with the same account ID used for your previous purchases.
  • Once done, your app purchases should be visible on the App Store (showing a download icon next to the app icon and name)
  • Existing Cubasis in-app purchases can be easily restored within the app itself (1 - tap the “Shop” button, 2 - tap on “Restore purchases”).

Please let me know if this helps to resolve your problem!


Thank you, at last i could load cubasis.

Hi @Franelectro,

There should be no absolutely no issues to restore your app and IAP purchases, following the steps above.

If you still encounter issues, please let me have more details about your purchases:

  • which Cubasis version did you purchase?
  • which IAPs did you purchase?
  • did you purchase the IAPs within the same Cubasis version?

Again, there should be absolutely no issues to restore your previous app and IAP purchases!


Hi, I am having the same problem. I downloaded Cubasis from my perches-es (from the cloud) and it will only run in demo mode. It is an older version (the original version) and it installs a newer version but will only run in demo mode. I also have some plugins I bought as well…How many time am I supposed to buy the same app?
Please help me…

Hi @drummer1634

Thanks for your message.

Your iOS app purchases are stored to your Apple App Store account.

Please make sure to log onto the same account used of your previous purchases, and you should be able to re-download your previously purchased apps.

Hope that helps.


I did download it from my account in the cloud. Haven’t got a clue why it will only run in demo mode.
Is there any way you can fix that? Maybe re-put it back into my account if I give you the account email?
You should have a way to see that I bought it.


Hi @drummer1634

Here is Apple’s official documentation how to re-download apps from the App Store:


Yes…That’s what I did. App downloaded but only works in demo mode.

Hi @drummer1634

Did you purchase the Full Feature Set IAP back then?
And, did you download the correct Cubasis app version?

If so, please follow these steps:

  • Make sure to be logged on with the same account used for your in-app purchases.
  • In Cubasis: Tap the “SHOP” button followed by the “RESTORE PURCHASES” button (located top right in the shop).

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,

I found Cubasis on another account I had a few years ago. Will the App be the same when I put it on my new Ipad or will it be a different version?
Thanks for all your help.

Hi @drummer1634

When installing the app on your new device, it will be the latest available App Store version of the app.