LOST DONGLE - Cubase 5 Please help!

Hi friends, In 2009, I bought Cubase 5, but at that time I hardly used it. Soon after I moved house, after unpacking, I couldn’t find my Cubase dongle and haven’t been able to use it since. However since I paid £499 for the product, I would like to be able to use it now. I have the complete set of 4 cd’s, the ‘Essential Product License Information’ card with Activation Codes on it and my original invoice from the retailer addressed to me with my name and address on it, so this is proof of my purchasing the software.

Can anyone help me to be able to install and use my software again please?
thanks very much

Hi flamencodave,

Please have a look here:

Best regards

Many thanks Jochen for your quick reply. One of the listed requirements to restore the license listed on the link you sent me, is to have a “MySteinberg” Account, but I don’t appear to have one. I have tried two possible email addresses that I could have used, but both return saying “account doesn’t exist”. So either I never made one after I bought the software or I have lost my details.
I do remember using the dongle though, after I bought the software and accessing the product, so wouldn’t this mean that I probably registered the software and should therefore have a “MySteinberg” account ? Isn’t there another way of tracing the account through the activation codes, name, address etc ?

I do hope someone can help me please because I bought the software for £499 which was a lot of money at the time and even now for me. I wasn’t able to make use of the software because my small son turned out to be autistic and has needed a lot of looking after, which has taken my time and energies.

I have the original receipt for the product, bought from www.DV247.com for £499.00 and can supply a photocopy of it.

thank you

It might be possible to track down your MySteinberg account or your eLicenser; please send your Activation Code (the one you used to download the license into your USB-eLicenser) via a private message.