Lost Dongle Help!!!!

I have a project thats due on Monday and unfortunately I lost my dongle a few hours ago. I don’t have access to any dongles. Is there a way to get my projects to work without a dongle until I get a replacement one? Thanks …

PS: One of the reasons why I reluctantly agree to carrying a dongle around for my software was because there was this zero downtime guarantee. This doesn’t seem zero downtime at all.

If you can complete your project with Elements, you could get a trial of that. If that won’t work, you need a dongle. I can’t think of any way without one. ZDT is dependent on having a spare dongle to put the licenses on to. The spare dongle is listed as a “requirement” in the ZDT description.

Depending on the complexity of the project and which plugins were used, you may be able to finish it using the Cubase Elements trial.

Zero Downtime will of course require a hardware eLicenser. The dongle has a purpose, and it’s to strengthen the piracy protection. Being able to use Cubase Pro at all without the dongle would make the dongle pointless.

Thanks I will try Elements. I think it is a simple project so it should work, let us see … I like that for traveling anyhow. Will elements work without a dongle? I would be happy to buy it for traveling purposes if it does.

If I can get a dongle from a local guitar center, I believe I can also get the cubase pro 9 trial or try the 25 hour free thing.

Yes, Cubase Elements uses the software eLicenser, so you don’t need a dongle to use it. You can also easily recover your Elements license if your laptop breaks or is lost.

Once you get your USB eLicenser I would recommend activating Zero Downtime right away. Only activate the Cubase Pro 9 trial if Steinberg Support fails to restore your old licenses before Zero Downtime expires.

Also, be aware that a new “blank” dongle is not going to come with a 25 hour license on it. I agree with above in that if you get a new dongle, you don’t need to get a trial of C9. Just use ZDT and get your actual licenses back.

Thanks everyone for your help. I did get my project finished with the 25 hours. I haven’t heard back from steinberg on the replacement licenses … I will be ok if I don’t work on it now for a couple of days, but does it really take multiple days for them to get back (I got an email saying it will take 2-3 days).