Lost eLicenser Activation Code to use Cubase 5 Essential


Unfortunately, I updated my iMac to Mountain Lion without making sure my Cubase would work properly. I ended up reinstalling Snow Leopard (10.6.3). Of course in order to do that I had to completely erase my computer main drive. That was successful. Unfortunately, I have not done this type of updating since I first built my home studio which was in 2009. I have all components to get Cubase working except for my eLicenser activation code. I’ve misplaced it and I need to know how to retrieve it. When I first registered my product back in 2009 I was using a different email account which is now no longer in existence. So I have no way of retrieving my Cubase 5 Essential eLicenser number. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?! ANYONE?? :frowning:

Hello! Can I ask you for help? I lost my Installation Cubase 5 Essential DVD. now I can not install. If you have a DVD installation - please unload and can you give me a link. Will be eternally grateful to you.