Lost elincenser no activation code

i have lost my elincenser after buying a new one i didnt managed to reactivate my license after trying the reactivation the website said nthere is no license to reactivate and now im left with an elicenser and no license what should i do

See https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/206532304-Steinberg-Zero-Downtime for the procedure when you lose a USB dongle.

I tried doing it as the website says its not working please I payed hundreds of euros for the software give me a new activation code or my money back I’m frustrated

What error are you getting? Which version of Cubase are you using? Please help us help you by providing more information.

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I have cubace 11 artist I tried registering my soft elincenser but the website told me I have no soft elincenser to register

Cubase Artist 11 uses the USB-eLicenser. You should activate Steinberg Zero Downtime like steve said above. Reactivation only applies to the Soft-eLicenser used by Cubase LE/AI/Elements.

Please sign-in to your MySteinberg and verify that your USB-eLicenser is registered. If you don’t see it, try registering your Cubase Artist 11 activation code. If it says that it has already been registered by another user, you’re likely signed in to the wrong MySteinberg account.

Then, follow the steps provided by the Steinberg Zero Downtime article.

I’m the only one who has the code and I have only one user under my name that’s the problem

So, do you see your USB-eLicenser in your MySteinberg account? Again, please include more information with your posts.

Can you take a screenshot of your MySteinberg? What about the eLicensers tab?

So is there anything you can do to help me?

Hi, this is a public user forum, not Steinberg’s official support. I’m trying to offer you some guidance, but I can only help you based on the information you provide.

Oh my bad. Thought I was talking to company representative sorry thanks for trying to help