Lost email and credentials

Good day

Is it at all possible to recover a lost Cubase account?

I haven’t used it in donkeys years and the email address I used to register with was “stolen”.

It’s for

If it is at all possible to recover so i can reclaim my elicence. Ive list all the cards for that too.

Your response is appreciated.

Carlisle Steele

As far as I know you would have to go through Yamaha/Steinberg tech support.

I removed the email address in your post since it’s not yours.

Help me understand what you meant by removed?
are both my email address, which one did you remove?

I referred to the email addresses in the forum post, because this is a public forum, and anyone can read the topics without logging in.

Also of note - this is the user forum, we can’t see your account details.

I believe the that to fix this you should contact your local support provider via the Steinberg support website

Thank you for your response

Good luck!