Lost EQ Presets

ARGH!!! After resolving trouble with POD Farm 2 and drum mapping, I thought that’s be the end of my troubles. Well, they do say it comes in 3’s!!!

I now cannot locate any of the factory EQ presets:

HAve searched high and low online but no clear way of doing it. One says to delete all folders/files in ‘Application Data Folder’ but then I lose all my presets and VST bits.

Any ideas? Please…


Make sure the Cubase program folder is set to scan in Mediabay and re-scan.

Cheers mate. I’ve opened Media Bay and I have the circle of dots spinning around in the top right corner - have not set it to re-scan but it’s the first time I’ve opened it. Assume this is performing the scan…although has been going for about 40 minutes already