lost file - help!

I worked from a .bak (backup) file this morning and neglected to save it as a project file when I first opened it. Nuendo crashed and I have lost three hours of work. For some reason, when you work from a backup file “the automatic backup” feature doesn’t work.

Is there any place on my computer i can look for a newer version or temporary file of the song i was working on?


Unfortunately the .bak file would be it. I’m sorry but if a newer file was not created, then there is typically nothing you can do in that situation.

Thank you,

For the future upgrades, it might be nice to include an automatic backup sequence for situations like this where if you call up a backup and start working from it for Nuendo to start backing up that back up version.

automatically start backing up that file.

Similar pain here - lost 2 hours of painstaking edits because of a crash once & try to do a backup regularly.
I also have got into the habit of using “Save As” every time a new section is started in a mix…just in case.