Lost functions after rename

I have a project with multiple instruments and effects in maybe 20+ tracks. I started little by little tailoring the projects to how i wanted it. Then after i chose the option “save as”,the last edited version a synth call xpand2! and Mtpdk drumkit started acting funny. The xpand2! doesn’t work in some tracks and the Mtpdk takes too long to load. I had been “save new version” and nothing changed in the beginning of editing the project when i first started the project. Just this last time i chose to rename it as a “save as” option and that’s when the trouble started. Any suggestions?


Could you try to Backup Project?

I have a plugin called midiguitar2 and there was a warning about latency and samples. I opened up the asio panel and adjust the latency up all the way and that allowed the xpand2! plugin to work. I believe that the MTPDK DRUMKIT has a double i my computer and that’s where that ploblem was. But i cannot find all of the parts of the MTPDK DRUMKIT. I have suspicions that because i used the computer generic asio just to listen to the project, that is probably the problem.(i didn’t use an external interface. When i get chance I’ll try the bak. file. Thanks