Lost Groove Agent data in songs after fresh installation


I recently formatted my OS disk and reinstalled and re-setup all my software on my PC and post this, Groove Agent no longer automatically loads the presets tied to a cubase project when I open any project for the first time after the reinstall. (Once I reselect or recreate a preset and save the project, it does).
Is this normal ? Ideally, all information should be saved within the cubase project file itself (?). If this is not the case, then maybe it should be a feature request. It has impacted the hard work I had to put in in all those projects over the last 4-5 years.

I guess I will need to save each project’s groove agent data separately as user preset but even in that, there seems to be no way to save the user presets by selecting another directory or disk. So this should be another feature request - allow saving of user presets in user selectable locations…

What are the best practices being followed by the Cubase community in this regard…?


Hi melofluous,

I just discovered your post. The problem I’m having is very similar to yours. I actually reinstalled Cubase due to a change of main hard drive (SSD).

You got no response to your question. I posted mine about 4 hours ago and no one at Steinberg seems interested in the issue and it looks like no users other than you and I have encountered this issue.

It’s not in itself a tragedy, but it’s really annoying and a huge waste of time to reselect all the presets inside the projects I’ve accumulated over so many years. Luckily I had taken notes in NotePad, because for some songs I would not have remembered which bank and which preset I had chosen. I bow to NotePad…

As for what Steinberg calls Workflow… I’m not sure what that word means at the moment…