Lost HALION 5 by MISTAKE Steinberg !!!!!

Halion 5:
Halion 5 upgrade from Halion 4
Halion 5 bought (Steinberg Online Shop) on 28 Jan. 2017.
Activated on 28 Jan. 2017, with the Activation Code received.
Halion 5 did working fine till 11.00 hour (13-02-2017)
After that, Halion 5 does’nt work.
(also lost Halion Player on that moment !!)

My USB-eLicenser:
On my USB-eLicenser, I see mentioned Halion 6 (??? How is that possible), in stead of Halion 5.

My Steinberg:
On My Steinberg is Halion 6 mentioned (13-02-2017); how is that possible ???); I have not bought Halion 6 !!!

What to do ???
Can anybody help me.

my guess: you’re eglible for a grace period update from H5 to H6. The License on mySteinberg/your eLC got upgraded automatically.

So, download H6 and you’re good to go?

Thank you for your very good advice !!
I did’t know nothing about a “Grace Period”.

My Halion 6 and Sonic 3 are working fine.

Thanks for all.