Lost Halion 6 software

Hi all, can anyone help me with an issue concerning Halion 6?
Recently, I accidentally “updated” H6 to H7, which was stupid because I havent a H7 license!
Long story short, I have now totally lost H6, and when I try to re-install the downloaded files I get the “Halion 6 is already installed” message, and the install stops?
My H6 licence is on my E-licenser, and I wonder if this is whats causing the issue?
Because it’s been a few years since I bought H6, I haven’t got the original authorisation codes, which could be another issue?
Anyway, I’m stumped and was hoping that this forum could offer some advise?
Thanks in advance,
Jim B

You didn’t mention what Operating System you are using. If you are on Windows just do a uninstall via the usual Control Panel Apps interface. Halion is listed there, after uninstalling it start the Installer again.

No idea how that works on MacOS.

Windows, with the latest version!
I’ll try the uninstall via control panel and report back.
I have raised this, twice, with Steinberg support but had nothing back from them so far?

That did it JuergenP,

All up and running again, so thanks for the guidance!

You’re welcome