lost license when updating from 8.0.1 to 8.0.2

I had already activated WL8 before on this computer. Wavelab 8.0.1 was up and running. I uninstalled WL 8.0.1 and installed 8.0.2.

When I open WL 8.0.2 it asks if I want to run as demo or activate. I had already activated WL8 before. Wavelab 8.0.1 was up and running. Since it gave me no other option I clicked on activate and inserted the activation code. I then selected my Wavelab 7 license and hit upgrade. Then the program crashes.

I still have WL7 installed and running, but lost WL8…

Windows 7 ultimate 64bits (all WL versions installed are 64b)

Make sure to use the latest eLicencer: http://www.elicenser.net/en/latest_downloads.html
When you run the eLicencer Control Center, do you see the WaveLab 8 license?

BTW, there is no need to uninstall WaveLab 8.0.1 to install 8.0.2.

Hi PG,

Now I already uninstalled 8.01, wish I hadn’t…

I did download the latest eLicenser. It sees the WL7 license, not the WL8. It recognizes my activation code as an upgrade and I must select the WL7 license for it to allow me to upgrade. But then it begins the upgrade process and crashes.

Thanks for your help, and most importantly, thanks for the wonderful software,

For eLicenser issue, please contact the steinberg support.

Just to get the license on your key, you can install the eLicenser software on another computer and activate WL8 there. Heck of a workaround maybe, but it should work…

Thanks Arjan, that did the trick.