Lost mixer settings

Hi all,

Cubase 12 Pro , Mac.

Rhythmic section on mixer 1 , strings on mixer 2. When I load the song again, the settings are lost (all tracks show on both mixers). Am I supposed to save the mixer configuration?



The Visibility is stored in the project. You should get the same visibility as you closed it.

Of course Martin means, the same visibility as you saved it.
Projects don’t save automatically on close. But you get asked to save the project on close if you changed something.

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Hi, I do save the projects before closing 'em. Though upon loading them back all the visibility preferences set for the mixers are lost.

To say the obvious again and again…
System specs? More info about the system?

I’m running Cubase 12 pro on Mac (written in my first message :-). OS Ventura 13.6.6