Lost music when deleting the DIVISI signpost

Hi community,

Am i right or do i miss something that can be enabled somewhere…

When i delete a Divisi signpost, the music i had entered is not really deleted i know, but there also seems to be no way to see that there is something hidden under the hood…
And to reveal it again, i have to reconstruct the exact setup…

I wish there would be some kind of WARNING signpost

Or is there something like that?

Is there really no one sharing my problems…?
Maybe i just have to be very very cautious :wink:

I think that happened to me once as well, but it was awhile ago (either Dorico 2.0 or 2.1), and I had some other layout problems - so I ended up just deleting some bars and re-entering them.

This is a very critical problem, as you don’t see the Divisi being deleted when removing the bar in which it starts.

I disagree that it’s a critical problem. If you delete something, it’s gone. We make the allowance of leaving the music that was originally in the divisi behind so that you can recover it if you wish, but in general we can’t do that, and nor can we mark places where once upon a time you had something but then you deleted it. The signpost won’t become selected unless you explicitly select it – i.e. it won’t be included in block selections made with Shift+click, etc. – so the only way for the signpost to be deleted is if you specifically select it and Delete it.