Lost my Download Licence...Now what?

OK to begin, thank you for even reading this and trying to help me out. I’ve been stuck in a rut for a while now and i don’t know any more…

I bought Cubase 6 about 1.5 years ago and have been using it solidly since then. Love it. The problem is that my cd drive broke a while back and, having no real need for a CD drive, I scrapped it. That was perfectly fine and for two months (didn’t miss it at all). Then my hdd became corrupted and i had to reinstall my OS (Windows 7). However i cant reinstall Cubase 6 because I don’t have a CD drive and i cant download it because I’ve either misplaced my download license or I never realised that there wasn’t one in my box (never needed it really). Now my question is this, is it possible for me to somehow reinstall Cubase 6 without buying a new CD drive or can i download it legally from somewhere. I still have my eLicenser USB with my Cubase license so its just a matter of getting the software onto my HDD. I actually thought about buying the update to Cubase 7 but I’m pretty sure that would require me to have 6 installed. Wouldn’t it?

Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time.

You can download th C6.5 trila and run it as full versioif yiou have a 6.5 license. And you only need a valid update license on your dongle to update to C7

Cubase 7 is an independent program (you don’t need Cubase 6). If you’re considering Cubase 7, I recommend downloading the free trial and testing it out. If you buy a C7 license, it will run C6, but you will still need to get C6 installed as it is a completely separate program (if you want to use it.) I have never heard of a “download license”. You can try the “downloads” section under the support tab or the FTP site. Personally, I would buy a CD/DVD drive.

Or you ask a friend to copy the original Cubase 6 DVD content to a flash drive and install from there.

No, you already have everything you need to upgrade: money and a license to upgrade.

Since an external USB DVD-RW can be had for under $20, you might consider getting one in case you ever have other software on disc you want to install or would like to burn some of you music. Handy to have around.

How did you reinstall install Windows without a cd/dvd drive?

I agree. You can even go cheaper and pick one out of a garbage pc that one of your friends may have lying around , these things are all over the place. That’s how I got mine :slight_smile:

Right I was wondering how he would do that with no operating system on the pc where would he run or install that?

Can you use a virtual CD rom on boot?

No one ever heard of booting from a flash drive? :confused:

exactly…so how has he reinstalled windows?

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