Lost my eLicener and unfortunely didn't register my cubase

Hello everyone,

i hope someone will be able help me with my problem

A few years ago I bought the Cubase 8.5 (it was the newest version at the time). After a while I lost the eLicener and made a recovery with a new one (it was in 2017).

After several years of not touching the software, I got some new projects and I need to set it back up again, but Unfortunately I lost the dongle again and this time I also did not register the software in “my steinberg” (i honestly didn’t knew i need to).

please I paid my best money for this software and I still have the original packaging with the serial number and receipt from the store. In addition, my profile has references to its use in the past, so I can easily prove that I am the person who purchased the software.

How can I overcome this problem?

I would open a support ticket via the website/email, with pictures of your serial and receipt.

but you’re going to need to buy a new elicenser - you may be able to enter the serial in the license software?