Lost my Final Barline

Can’t figure out why I lost my final bar line. Notations Options is set to final Barline. The “Create Barline” panel doesn’t allow me to edit the final barline.

All sorts of wierd attributes seem to be associated with that final bar, too – like adding a bar gives me a 8/4 bar. Sometimes I can get an extra bar at the end with a final Barline, but if I delete that final bar or the prior bar, that barline disappears too.

Can I send my score to somebody?


Do you have any signposts displaying anything? I bet you have some sort of hidden time signature around there somewhere. If so, delete that sign post and it should resolve everything.

And you can always post the file here on the forum if you’re willing. You need to zip it first.

I thought I read somewhere that the forum now accepts .dorico extensions.

Yes you did read it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

So much for that. :laughing:

I had a similar problem today, except that I was in fact able to edit the final barline; I just couldn’t get a final barline. By experiment I solved this, by changing the barline to three other options: after that the final barline worked.

Check Notation options > barlines > final barline
Be aware that Notation options are flow-specific so make sure the accurate flow is selected when changing the option