lost my in app purchases

hi, I just changed my ipad and upgraded IOS now my in app purchases are gone. any help? thanks

Hi Joshb,

The in-app store in Cubasis includes a restore purchases option, that should solve the issue in a snap.


i thought that too but it didn’t work

Hi Josh,

Normally it should work as expected, you’re connected to the internet, properly logged in to iTunes etc.?

If the problem persists, please make a short clip (mobile phone is fine) that visualizes the steps and shows the issue.
Please upload via dropbox, WeTransfer or similar and let me have a private note how to access the file.


I think i found the issue, i bought the in apps ages ago with an account that I closed as i thought it may be compromised. I bought the main program with a different account, so I guess I am stuck unless i buy them again? I have lots of projects that use the in app effects, they sill seem to work, just cant do anything with them, thats wht initially confused me.

Thanks for the clarification.
Please get in touch with Apple to discuss the topic regarding your in-app purchases / closed account.