Lost my installation file

I purchased Cubase Elements 7 in 2013, and had it installed on my previous computer.

I want to re-install it on my new one - but apparently I didn’t back up the installation file.
I assumed it is re-downloadable after the product is registered once again.

I had a hard time rearranging all the eLicense issues, but finally made it to a new activation code.
Now that it’s activated on this computer’s soft licenser - how do I get to download it again?

When I click on the link in the 2013 mail from Steinberg, it says that I have no downloads available.


It should be in the downloads tab of your MySteinberg. You can also always just upgrade to Cubase Elements 8, that will add a permanent download link to that tab.

Where do I see that tab?


Well, it was supposed to be in that page. You can just download the trial version instead.

Wouldn’t it be limited or temporary?

And just for the record - if such a tab is missing -
Can it mean that I have no available downloads?
Is there any way to contact Steinberg about this while there’s no distributor in my country?
(You know, I rightfully own a product and I can’t get it now…)

There’s both an update and a full install link on this page:

Thank you very much!

Made my day!