Lost my midi then my audio

3 year Cubase user here. Love it, but sometimes, midi can get a bit ARRRGH
Cubase Pro 11 Mac OSX 10.15.7

Unexpectedly, I got a warning similar to this,

Except for the fact that I am using a Focusrite Scarlett interface.

I dismissed it, because I don’t need midi to work on it. So I went about my business.

Scarlett was working, playing audio back on Cubase.

I went to program midi, using my usual (keyb to mac) USB connection. That didn’t work.

So I tried plugging a midi cable into the Scarlett, and managed to set it up to work. I was able to receive midi on Cubase.

However, my Cubase audio died. Strange thing is, I was still able to hear audio from my browser, through the Scarlett.

So I figured this is an ASIO issue. OK, I checked:

It would NOT allow me to add the Scarlett as an audio system.

Here we see it won’t recognize the Scarlett either.

Next step was to install the latest driver for the interface. Restarted the computer a few times.

I even ripped out Cubase and re-installed it. Nothing.

Possibly, it’s my lack of midi accountability when I’m programming…I kept hearing a synth track playing in that weird “hidden synth” thing they do. So annoying. My work around is just to rip tracks out in an effort to clean the palate up.

I think I read something about “breaking” configurations simply by deleting tracks. Maybe I did that…

Which led me to re-installing and IMMEDIATELY making/saving a new project. I thought that would reset things, but NOPE. I’d had hopes of exporting the old project into a new one , but NYET.

At my wits end here.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I’m using a Windows based system, but well… Few precisions needed :

  • What is the BlackHole 2ch audio device ? Does it have something to do with your Scarlett interface ?
  • In this device, why is only one of the Output port active ?
  • In the same league, why is it set to Externally clocked, unless there is a good readon for it ?

Additionaly, could you post also screenshots of both the Outputs pane of the Audio Connections window and the content of drop down list of the Studio Setup > Audio System > ASIO driver setting ?

Shouldn’t you be one level up to be able to choose the scarlett? Click on Audio System, just above BlackHole.

Hi everyone.

First of all, out of interest: I had this posted on the forum at the end of an existing thread on a similar topic, but nobody responded. Waited two days. Not being impatient, just stating technically. Do threads of old origin get ignored in favor of new ones? Once I posted this as a new thread, people noticed. Perhaps it was due to me posting 3 times serially on that first thread.

I ended up doing a safe re-boot (shift-control-option), erased the preferences and it worked. Was able to see my Scarlett.

“Black hole” was an internal audio driver I messed with years ago to help record system audio.

And what I tried to convey with the screen shots was the inability to change the settings. Video would have been better, but screen shots more practical.

Not by the forum software. But I suspect a fair number of individuals might ignore updates to a thread they have already looked at and decided they aren’t interested in.

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