Lost my regisstration code?!?!

Short story. I installed Cubase 10 Artist with the dongle and all. BUT i forgot to register the program?! Everything works but everytime I start Cubase it ask for registration and now its counting down and says it will stop working.

Cant find my registration code card, Ill guess its gone with the trash? Got the USB-dongle and the Box the program came with, but no registration code.

I started a support-ticket with Steinberg but Im worried that this will be unsolveable? What do I do?!?!

Hi and welcome,

I’m afraid you are mixing up 2 things…

When you start Cubase, you probably get a message to register Cubase. If you didn’t do so, I would recommend to register it. You don’t need an Activation Code for it.

Btw, you can always find your Activation Code in your MySteinberg account.

I would be wondering about the count-down message. Could you make a screenshot, please? Are you sure you are not using Cubase Pro as a Trial instead of Cubase Artist?

Well I installed cubase 10 artist. And im using it but everytime Im starting it it says it will stop working and theres a countdown. It is now down at 14 hours. I hade not registered it on my account?!? Its super weird. I will take a screenshot!

So, 9 days since i started a support ticket. Zero response and Steinberg keep quiet and now Cubase Artist 10 has stopped working due to registration problems.

Artist and Pro versions are the exact same installer, only the license dictates the version you will be running. So as was mentioned above, it sounds like you are running Pro trial version instead of Artist.

Post a screenshot.