Lost Preferences - help!

I just opened Cubase and all my files are opening with a totally different Preferences, and also its asking me to Register (as if its the first time opening) … how can that have happened and how can can I get my old Preferences back (with some serous Control Room settings …)

Concerning it asking you to register, just click “already registered”.
I don’t know how your preferences were wiped. They might have been rebuilt due to being somehow corrupted, or, possibly did you do a Safe Start Mode reset?

No, I didn’t do any safe start reset … as far as I know, all was working fine, and now it isn’t …

Does the Preferences file have a name, I can search for ?

If you are on Windows, the installer puts a folder on your Start Menu called “User Data Settings Folder” or something like that. It opens the folder where all the preference files are stored. If you are on a MAC, I don’t know where but there is a folder with those settings…

Which brings up the point that some people DO back up their preferences folder for exactly that reason or also because sometimes, if the preferences become corrupted, rather than have to reset them all from scratch, they can just copy from the saved settings.

This has happened to me at least 3 times on Cubase 8 so far. =( None of my other utilities do this…

Ugh… PIA for sure.

Here are some links to read about troubleshooting Cubase and the preference files.




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