Lost Presets in Halion4 when i deleted Sonic LE

I stupidly, uninstalled Sonic LE thinking I did not need it anymore cause I have Halion4…now when I start halion4, i get missing Preset errors, saying that some of the presets are from Sonic LE…to get Halion4 working will all presets again, I was told by Tech support that i needed to re- install Cubase 6 to get Sonic LE back again…

Now, how do I reinstall Cubase 6 to get Sonic LE back so my Halion 4 is complete again?

Do I have to just re-install Cubase 6 over the present Cubase 6 I have?..If so, what to do with all the softsynths I purchased as upgrades…like Halion Sonic, Orcherstal, Halion4 etc…If I re-install Cubase 6 will it overwrite these with trail versions of these softsynths?..

Or do i totally have to delete Cubase 6 , then reinstall it?..either way seems like I would have to go thru the laborus process of rounding up all upgrades of softsynths and installing them again over trail versions…

What is the correct process of getting the presets back that the deletion of Sonic LE took away from my Halion4?

harry stiles