lost product‘s box ,only USB-elicenser left

My boss bought a new Mac pro MD770 with N6 installed in, But my boss has forgotten the password for the mac when I just join this studio, so I format it.Later I found there are nothing about N6 except a dongle(USB-elicenser) after finish the OS reinstallation.They lost product’s box,DVD-rom and Activation Code sheet .So I download the trial verson.Now I can run Nuendo 6.05 64bit by installing elicenser control center(
My questions:
1) How can I know the buying informations about my N6 such as price,date,district distributer and included componets from this USB elicense ?
2) where can I obtain or download the original DVD-rom?
3) How can I get back the Activation Code or Essential Product License Information sheet ?
4) Is NEK included in my product package? N6 's “score” button or menu has gone,But I need score editor
5)Are there any steinberg technician locate in Shanghai China? According I know ,Yamaha shanghai 's PA staff know nothing about Cubase/Nuendo


You have to contact Steinberg in Germany directly.

All of your licenses are on your eLicenser dongle.
So if you install the elicenser driver, and plugin in your dongle, you will see which licenses you have for which product.
These products should also be visible within your MySteinberg account. if they have been registered of course…

You can install the trial version, which will be unlocked by the presense of your dongle.