Lost rests

In the third bar form the attached project I have some missing rests. I do know how to get them back (extending the note and then shortening it back to its original length does the trick), but I’m unsure how they disappeared in the first place. (already tried the end & start voice settings and nothing happens). Would appreciate some insight as to how to avoid making this mistake again.

I think it is because you have hidden the notes that actually exist there - so there are no rests to show.

I managed to get the rests to re-appear by inputting notes to fill up the rest of that bar and then deleting them.

Yes, that works as well. My doubt is more about future angst: I’m trying to find out what I did wrong, to avoid doing it again in the future and not catching it on time.

What do you mean by “hiding notes”?

You have hidden this note… (also in the next bar)

I see I uploaded the wrong document, or rather, forgot to delete some stuff. Sorry about that. Here you can see what I mean, in the third bar. The hidden notes is not the problem there.
Rests problem.dorico (848.8 KB)

Maybe you might have selected those rests and used Edit > Remove Rests?

That’s a possible explanation, although I don’t think I did. And either way, it should show the “ends voice” property enabled, as far as I understand. But maybe there are some cases in which it “disappears”, so to speak? I haven’t found the way to reproduce it. And probably it isn’t worth to dwell too much on it, as long as one knows how to get those rests back…Thanks for the ideas!