Lost Ritardando

At the end of bar 2, I put a Ritardando.
In the Lower zone, I activated “Suppress playback on passes 1”
and unklicked “Metronome mark shown”.
How can I get back the ritardando sign in the score?
without overwritung with a new Rit.?
In the solo parts, the ritardando is there,
but in the score it disappeared.
My question: why can’t I recover it in the score?
Lost Ritardando.dorico (1.2 MB)

Make a selection using the system bar (alt-t). Then right-click>filter>gradual tempo. This will isolate your rit and you can set its colour to black so it will be visible again.


sorry, I don’t find the words “gradual tempo”,
where exactly do I have to right-click?
and in which layout?
could you tell it step-by-step please.
thank you.

Rather than use the System Track, just use Cmd+A to select all. “Rit.” will appear on beat four. Select it, open Properties (lower zone) and you’ll see the colour is white on the bottom left. Switch it off.

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Thank you so much, Daniel M, that was a solution, even I (a beginner),
did understand. It worked well.