Lost Show Lanes button on individual channels

I had a crash during a session the other day, The Mixer went black when I tried to change the buffer settings in the control panel for my Lynx Aurora 16. I had to re-boot and when I did, my preferneces had all changed to defaults, My faderport stopped working and the strangest thing is the Show Lanes button is no longer visible on the individual tracks. It shows up in the inspector, but not on the individual channels. I have attached a screen capture.

I know the first thing someone will say is where your specs…here they are:
Win 7 64 bit, all recent updates, Intel I7, Asus MOBO, 16 Gig ram, Cubase 7.0.5

I have sessions all weekend. Wondering if I should un-install and re-install, seems my only choice at this point. Any help ASAP appreciated
Lane 2.jpg
Lane 1.jpg

Have you looked at the Track Controls setup?

No, have never used that, never had to. I checked and that was the problem, for some reason the lane button as well as track type were in the hidden controls pane. Thanks