lost sound after upgrading to Windows 8

I have upgraded my laptop OS from Windows Vista to 8 in order to run WaveLab 8 but now can’t record anything from a browser, in fact when I open Recording Windows any sound from computer can’t go through. There is no special audio card in the laptop, for VST Audio Connection I have only one option which is Windows NME but no matter what setting I use in Playback and Recording tabs nothing seems work. It all worked fine in previous setup with Vista/WaveLab7. Editing works with no problems, it’s just recording…


To monitor the sound being recorded, you must setup the channels from the vst audio connection dialog.

The thing is there are no channels visible in vst audio connection dialog, I suspect it will be a Windows’ issue rather than WaveLab’s
Wavelab8 issue.jpg

You must not select MME to monitor audio.

we’re getting somewhere :wink:
MME is all I have

In that case, look into ASIO4ALL.

actually I have tried it, but still nothing. Here is a screenshot. Correct me if I’m wrong but to me it looks like Windows/laptop is missing some Audio Devices, I have only Headphone/Speakers (output) and Microphone (input)
Wavelab8 issue2.jpg

What is your audio card hardware? Have you installed its ASIO driver?

Philippe, thanks for all your help but I think I’ll leave for now. It looks like the problem has nothing to do with WaveLab and I will have to sort it out in my OS. Besides it’s just a backup laptop which I use only when I’m away. I can do editing which is the most important thing when using it.
thanks everyone for your time