Lost StereoEnhancer, DeEsser, RoomWorks ... during upgrade

Good Day.

I just upgraded from Cubase Elements 12 to Elements 13 and have lost StereoEnhancer, DeEsser and RoomWorks PingPongDelay, StereoDelay, VST Amp Rack and a whole bunch of other effects during the upgrade.

Any idea how I can get those back?

I’m running on the latest version of Windows 10.

Thanks in advance


I would try to reinstall Cubase Elements 13. These plug-ins are part of the PluginSet, which is part of Cubase installation.

Ok. Thanks.
I will try that.

Actually, going into the Steinberg Activation Manager and activating Cubase Elements 13 did the trick.

Thanks again for the quick reply.

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