Lost the ability to sort in open/save dialogue on Mac

In this latest version of CUb7, if i want to open or save a project, i can now longer sort the file names in the open/save window by ‘date added’ etc. Also the same for the Import Audio/Video window.

to repro:

i need to import an audio file into a project

choose ‘import audio’

the import audio window opens

i want to sort the folder of audio by date so i can choose the most recent one.

but cubase won’t let me anymore.

this is new to 7.04


This is not a Cubase issue; this dialog is created by the OS, you have probably changed the sort and view prefs so that the files are “Arranged”. Set it to none for the pref you are after.

Thanks Steve,

It’s already set to None, and this only happens in Cubase since the update - not in any other software.

It’s also the case that you can’t resize columns in the window which is kind of strange. I’ve attached a screen shot…
Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 21.03.15.png

Your screenshot shows that it is set to arrange by name. The columns are not meant to be resizeable in “Arranged by” Mode

Can you do another screenshot with the menu pulled down?

Thanks Steve. I’ve been a bit slow lately - too many crazy deadlines. You’ve fixed it for me. thanks so much.

Your welcome.

Aloha guys,

I still having a tough time getting used to the new Mac OS
naming conventions starting with OSX .7 Lion.

Seems every app can be a lil different.

I can still use ‘Save As’ with Cubase but not with very many other apps.

Still no Mac OSX ‘Full Screen’ option when it comes to the ‘Project Window’
in C7.