Lost the "add staff" function entirely

Hi all-

I often use the ‘add staff’ function for strings. This is useful for making fingering diagrams for harmonics and so on. Suddenly, from today, the ‘add staff’ function has disappeared from my right-click menu, as well as the Edit>Notations>Staff menu. Only ‘manual staff invisibility’ appears.

I tried it both with a wind instrument and with a string instrument: including a score I’ve made which already has a 2-staff violin part. The option is not present in either. Starting a new Dorico file doesn’t help. Adding a piano to the score and trying to give it an extra staff doesn’t help.

What gives?

Can you upload a sample project?

Perhaps test removing your userlibrary.xml file and/or other user preferences?

Is it possible that Dorico has opened as Elements or SE rather than Pro?
Close Dorico entirely and reopen it. If the splash screen shows that you’re running Pro then you may find that the Add Staff functionality is back; if it shows Elements then it’s a case of troubleshooting the licensing.


Hi there,

This was a very astute idea! After closing and reopening Dorico, it told me I should upgrade to Pro! (I’ve been running 4 Pro since it first came out.) Very bizarre. Closing and opening again didn’t show the splash screen and now my add staves option is back. How weird…

Possibly you had held a key down when launching … See this thread.

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Stuck key, perhaps (temporary or otherwise)?

Fascinating, perhaps that was the case. Thanks! Glad there’s not some weird bug going around :wink: