Lost time with the Loop Browser. And it was fun!

Aloha guys, old/new(s) here

Mainly when I open Cubase I am working.

But occasionally I take some time to checkout/learn
some of the great new features offered in Cubase
that I would not typically use on a day to day basis.

And because of something someone posted,
today it was the Loop Browser.

WOW! How kool is that thang?!

The LB had my creative juices goin’ big time!
I started four new songs (ideas) in just under two hours.

I realize that for many users ( particularly younger ones)
the LB is old news.

But today for me, (mr. ‘older than dirt’)
for 2 hrs’ at least; the LB was ‘inspirational’.

—Cubase rocks

Aloha curteye,

Glad you had fun with the loop browser, and I totally dig what you’re saying, there is so much to explore in C7 and I keep on getting both lost/inspired in different aspects of it too - today I introduced myself to variaudio (just some random chopping up and shuffling beats/scratches) and it was seriously good fun; but starting 4 songs in 2 hours :astonished: man that is productivity! :slight_smile:

always feels good when finding new stuff in cubase and especially when it boosts creativity …!

i never use harmonic/melodic midi loops but it was fun after years of using cubase to actually make a quick bossa nova style demo using midi loops from mediabay and chord track, although feeling like cheating a little bit :wink:

but ‘If lovin’ this is wrong, I don’t wanna be right’. :slight_smile:


I’d never used the loop browser before, but based on this thread I gave it a look today. Where are you finding the harmonic/melodic midi loops? All (mostly) of the midi loops I’ve found have been for drums, generally from my BFD libraries. I suspect I’ve missed loading up some content, or don’t have Media Bay scanning the right places.

I’m more than ready to cheat, but I need the means. :confused:

open mediabay and have the “Show” bar in the middle to show Midi loops… its gona give list of midi loops by style category and instrument type, double click or drag to project.
now its a 1 chord loops, and u can use chord track to make them change. simple… its like those arranger keyboards u see in weddings … :wink: but nice having for quick pattern assembly.


I believe it was Richard Petty that said
‘If ya ain’t cheatin’, ya ain’t trying hard enough’.

Good luck.

Sure enough, there they are. I was looking for both midi and midiloops and the loops were greatly outnumbered by the predominantly drum midi parts.

There is a button on the right side of the preview pane called “Link Playback to Chord Track.” It doesn’t seem to do anything. If I drag the loop onto an existing track and set that track to follow the chord track, I hear the chord changes (as I knew I would). But enabling the follow chord track in the loop browser just plays the loop without the chord changes. Being able to preview the loop while hearing the chord changes would be really nice.

Also does anyone know of a good source for melodic/harmonic loops? Free of course is always a plus.

It does work as you would expect… Sometimes a stop/start is needed.

Could you elaborate on what you are doing, because even stopping and starting multiple times isn’t working for me. I’ve attached a screen shot of what I’m doing.

I’ve got a simple chord progression in the chord track and the “follow chord track” button enabled in the loop browser preview pane. Every time I hit the play button in the previewer the midiloop plays without any chord changes, just one same chord over and over. It sounds exactly the same as if the “follow chord track” button was not engaged. Perhaps I need to enable something elsewhere?
Loop browser.JPG

It seems a bit temperamental, I just did a test and had the same trouble.

I did get it working though, while the loop was playing I turned the sync button off and on again which did the trick.
I also have an issue where if I select a loop during playback, stop, then play I get no sound and have to switch to another loop during playback, then switch back to the previous loop to get sound.

On a separate note, I just did a feature request regarding this feature…


If it is temperamental for you, it’s downright hostile to me. :imp:

I’ve tried every possible combination of starting, stopping, syncing on/off, autoscales on/off, audition chords on/off, and changing loops - multiple times. Not once did the loop follow the chord track.

However I don’t have your issue of the loop not playing after stopping it.

I’ve added a post about this in the Issues forum - https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=184&t=43574