Lost track audio

Having a problem with Cubase LE Al Elements 9.0.30

I successfully recorded several tracks using Kontakt instruments:
Piano, Drums, Organ, Strings, 3 Horn tracks, (also created a Bass track, but haven’t used it yet).

…but I lost the audio on one of the tracks. I recorded a string section using Kontakt Elements Selection VSL strings string ensemble.nki - everything seemed to work normally until, after adding several tracks, The audio on that track disappeared.

I deleted the track and created a new one, re-recording the part. Again, everything seems normal. But no sound from the track after recording. The colored data strip is there and looks normal, monitoring during both practice and recording was normal. But no sound on playback.


Hmmm…I might have figured it out. I am using a Native Instruments S61 Mk2 controller. The ribbon strip can be used as a volume control and I was doing so. Not sure the thing is sending proper cv’s to Cubase NI is supposed to update the software for transport control of Cubase by year’s end, in beta testing now). Anyway, I deleted the track and created a new one w/o using the ribbon controller and all is well.