Lost Usb dongle

Hello, I have Cubase Elements 8 (soft Elicenser), registered on my steinberg,

Also had Cubase 6 (education) with a dongle, box with manual, activation key and son on, I lost the dongle, but I liked to have this version because was still compatible with Xp that I use ocasionally and I liked better old versions instead of learning new enviroments all the time.

I have another elicenser dongle (old, when I got my first Cubase SX), I tried to put the activation key but receive message that this activation key have already been used (I suppose when installed in the original dongle). I forgot to register it on my steinberg so can´t recover.
I have read a thread that a guy could recover it on this forum was contacted for the support.
I guess that should must have a relation with the association of the serial number dongle (lost) with the activation key, can be this be undone by steinberg?
I submitted a ticket but I doubt there is a solution without purchase anything else from them.

Thank you in advance if you have any suggestion.

If you hadn´t registered your USB elicenser before - probably not.

see https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/206532304-Steinberg-Zero-Downtime

I already read that, but I forgot register it, so I found a thread that a guy was helped in the forum by administrators, but dont remember if he had it registered…, I guess no. Back luck.
Thank you for the link anyway.