Lost USB Dongle

Hen there, I lost my unregistered USB Dongle for Cubase 9.5.

What can I do to get my software back?


Sorry wrong forum. This is for Cubasis the iPad sequencer.

You’re best bet is to log into your Steinberg Account where the dongle was registered and contact support from there.

No account? Contact Steinberg Support in your country or region.

Good luck!

Unregistered USB Key?
No need to contact support - go to shop and buy new.

But I pay ca. 500€

You need to find the serial for your dongle. Then you can register it. Or ask Steiny for help.

We all do…

Why in the world did you not register your dongle?

A classic case of gross negligence.

How do you handle your other goods that you can lose? …

If your licence is on the lost dongle and it was unregistered, then I don’t think there’s a way of getting your software back.

If you lose your ring, your coat, your whatever… and have paid for it… you also have no right to claim a replacement even though you have paid.

It is absolutely not clever not to register the usb-key.

I feel with you, but sometimes we’ve got to learn it the hard way.

Here is the zero downtime support, but I’m not sure if an unregistered key can obtain the software replacement.


I don’t remenber di f my dongle Is register. How can I verify It?

log into your “mysteinberg” account.

Thank you!

thanks for fast answers!

Thanks for drawing this to my attention. It hadn’t occurred to me that I needed to register my usb license. Now I have . Phew!