Lost usb eliscencer/ trial issues

i lost my usb dongle a couple months ago when I moved to my new house. I recently bought a new one did the whole zero downtime thing got my temp code for 25 hours and sent in the replacement form. but my temp activation code has expired and I still haven’t received my permeant one. how long does it take to get it? and is it emailed to you or put into your Steinburg account?

also, ive been trying to download the Cubase pro 11 trial, but it isn’t going to my email address. ive read other post and i have a Gmail account and have checked all my folders and clicked “All mail” multiple times and nothing… ive tried to have it resent multiple times and nothing? I really want to get back to using thins program and updating to Cubase 11 pro soon as possible so I’m hoping someone on here can help me. thanks

Hi Michael,
I have found your Steinberg Zero Downtime request submitted on Saturday. We will send the replacement codes asap.

I will send a PM containing a Cubase Pro 11 trial license right after this post. The Cubase Pro 11 download is the regular one available on the website or via the Steinberg Download Assistant.