Lost USB licenser

I have stupidly misplaced the USB e-licenser for my version of Cubase 7.

My question is, do I have to buy a complete new package of cubase to get a new licenser, or is there a way to order a replacement/a program where I do not have to have the e-licenser that I could use?


Buy a new dongle and contact support. Details in the knowledge base and in your MySteinberg account.

Or better contact support first, before buying a dongle…

PM sent.

but… where is suport for resolve this problem? it seems that steinberg redirect for distribuitors… a serious problem that is easy to happen… usb key e-licence may not be the best solution,

The support rep sent the user a PM (private message). Presumably they continued in private.

Support already contacted the user, so I don’t get the point?

In case the user is not in the EU, then yes, MySteinberg re-directs to the Distributors (i.e. Steinberg Support USA, Yamaha Support AU, etc.). Requests within the EU sent via MySteinberg reach the Support Team in Germany.

Should not be that easy to lose it, as one should carefully look after the dongle. But can happen, yes.

just to let you know that i lost my dongle & ask steinber (yamaha) to cancel preview license & if they can give me a new serial
i took less than 10 days to recover the thing so im quite happy

Thats good to hear and shows a good business practice from Steinberg .

well done :wink:

So you had to go over a week without Cubase? Ouch! Hope music production isn’t your primary source of income!

Glad to hear it got worked out in the end, but this is a perfect argument for internet authorization.

What if you lost your licence and lost your internet connection for a week? To me there is no excuse you can come up with that makes other licencing methods more reliable than a hardware dongle.

If music production is your primary source of income then maybe consider the possibility of having a second licence on a second dongle locked away in a safe somewhere.

Yes, a total insurance policy.

Even if you don’t make a living with Cubase, there is usually a trial version available. In cases where the dongle has to be replaced you can get an auth code for the trial version without waiting, and get back to work. So you could just have a second blank dongle stashed away.

And also, upon buying Cubase new, You can buy a second dongle and place the license on that. Put the included one in a drawer. Dongles sold with with new boxes (read not update or upgrade) come with a license that will run any Steinberg software for 25 hours.

There are several ways to avoid this grief.


more than a second license (quite expensive!), I would recommend to have a spare empty USB-eLicenser.

Besides the 25-hours license, which is good for 3 eight-hours working days, you can request a 30-days trial code without having to wait to have someone to reply your support enquiry.

[EDIT: Sorry, I noticed that SteveInChigago wrote the same after replying - cheers Steve]

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Hi Fabio,

Recommending customers purchase two dongles to use Cubase in an interesting solution, albeit (IMO) an unrealistic one in that it’s something most customers will probably don’t think they’ll need to do, as highlighted by the OP’s situation.

I’m not arguing Cubase should eliminate copy-protection, only that this instance highlights how the dongle installation scheme Steinberg employs places an unnecessary burden on their paying customers, and at a time when much more modern and efficient means of copy protection are readily available.

Thanks & have a nice day!

You don’t need to buy a second dongle, just make sure you don’t lose or break the one you have.

I don’t find the dongle scheme a burden and prefer it any of the other copy protection methods. With the dongle I don’t even have to remember any serial numbers or activation codes just make sure I look after my dongle and whenever I install software it’s ready to go.

Why don’t you elaborate what more modern and efficient solutions to copy protection there are?

You bought into the system and then you expect to change it ? Except it for what it is as there are a lot of people happy with the Steinberg system including me .
Steinberg have already said that they have no plans on changing the licencing procedure so I would get used to it if I was you or …there are plenty more fish in the sea if your not happy

Cheers Fabio.

It is an even better argument for being careful with valuables. :smiley:

I’m from Ukraine.
Today I’ve lost my USB eLicesnser with Cubase 7 EE license.
Local distributor (Jazz Club) recommend me to resolve this problenm in my steinberg account.
But when I try to ‘Request support’ i got the message :

‘Individual support for you is provided by one of our Steinberg distributors. Please find a list of distributors on this page:

Could you help me please!

P.S. I alredy bought a new USB eLicenser

P.P.S. I got eLicenser number (lost and new one) and Cubase 7 activation code