Lost VST Connections re Aria Player


When I try to instantiate " Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 " via the Aria player, I get the following message :-

" The VSTBridge connection is lost. Please load previous version of this project to restore lost settings of bridged plus-ins. Disable incompatible plugins if possible."

The Aria player is recognized as a plugin, but as soon as I load an instrument, the message comes up.

Any ideas?



have you both 32bit and 64bit installed? if so, are you choosing the correct one for whatever cubase you are running, that is 32/64bit cubase?

Thanx for the response!

I’m working with Nuendo 6.5. When I’m adding an instrument track and the browser opens, there are three “forward slashes” on the right of some instruments; both Sternberg and third party, including the Aria. What does that mean? Is that what tells you whether it’s 23 or 64 bit? :confused:

yes the slashes indicate 32bit plugs the ones without slashes are 64 bit, so if u are running nuendo in 64bit and u select 32bit plugin, might be why you get lost connection. you should see both 64/32 plugs though - , if not, you can try and point nuendo to your 64bit plugin folder via “devices” menu then select “plugin information”, you will see three tabs referring to plugins… at least in cubase that is how it is

some 32bit plugs will run fine with the “vstbridge” some won’t, or u can use something called jbridge (just google it, if you haven’t heard of it, not sure for mac but…could be wrong)

I’ll check them out.