Lost vst/plugin path

I saw an old post about this w/out a reply.
Im running an2018 I7 Mac mini 3.2 ghz 6 core intel w 16 gigs of ram.
Catalina 10.15.6

I do a lot of cpu intensive stuff, and occasionally ill be lazy and load up a cpu intense VST during playback, and it crashes. Probably because I overloaded the Cpu, my projects can get pretty massive.

Anyways I have quite a few VSTs on my external drive, and after I add the signal path and save the project everything is great. I can turn off the cpu and when I turn it back on and load up the project the path is there.

however- when the project crashes -the signal path is no longer listed in my plug in manager path.

Sorta frustrating considering I have to rescan, and the plus ins are 3rd party so I have to go through the frustrating process of forcing my Mac to open every single one all over again.

So what is your exact question now?

I would suggest to put the plugins on the internal disk and just move the content (library) to the external diskā€¦

I was wondering why the path dissapeared every time it crashed_ and I had to rescan , and re add all the plugins.

Turns out it must have been some sort of glitch, it happened a handful of times but now Cubase is remembering the paths on its own which is nice.

mostly a broken plugin