Lot of issues with D5 for Ipad

I have a lot of problems with the latest version of Dorico for Ipad and it’s no fun to work with the app anymore . The biggest issue is that since version 5 the pencil and the finger can move the notes. This is a pain, because it’s for me - at least - nearly impossible to drag the score around without moving some notes and destroying the score. Why on earth have the developers changed the previous behavior that you can’ t drag the notes with the finger (or the pencil )? Another issue is that the scrolling is a kind of strange . If I drag the list of the scores in the browser , the list always automatically jumps back to the top. So, it’s nearly impossible to select a score at the end of a list. This strange scrolling behaviour is the same in the menu. When I have the IPad in landscape mode, the play button is invisible . I have to drag the items to the left, but Dorico jumps automatically back and it very difficult to press the play button.
If it would be possible , I would go back to the previous version. With the actual version I can’t work anymore.

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Thanks for this feedback. I was under the impression that the option to disable live note editing was present in the Preferences dialog in Dorico for iPad, but I see I’m mistaken. Sorry for the inconvenience – we will ensure that live note editing is disabled in the iPad version in the next update.

Daniel, I hope Dorico Team have been able to find a resolution for the various performance issues with the Qt Framework, and a bug-free version update would be soon available of both the Desktop as well as the iPad version of Dorico 5. It would be nice to have a feedback on the above for benefit of the Forum.