lot of VSTI = bug midi assignations


for years i have the same problem when i have lots of VSTi :
at one point all assignations are switched.
so in this session i have 15 VSti (7 kontakt 2 omnisphere… reaktors… zebras)
each kontakt are using around 10instruments
so i have +/-100 MIDI tracks. All is ok but after some open close of the session suddenly the MIDIs that were going say to instance 05 are going to 06… it all a mess i have to reassign manually.
wait now that i think of it maybe it does this not when open close a session but switch between active / non active sessions (that’s what i was doing here) so also maybe not a question of how many VSTi loaded.
it happen with ALL vsti. kontakt or omnisphere all MIDI channels are assigned to the wrong VSTi

anyone had this ?

wow…haven’t heard that in a long time. I had that happen in an earlier version of Cubase. In my case, it turned out that I did something (sorry, don’t remember the full details becauses it was around 10 yrs ago)…and I was using other outboard gear/SMPTE via midi etc…and it was that something was switching things to fulfill it’s own needs, leaving my midi interface (LynxOne) in a state that did some fuunkkay…things to my cubase assignations.

Dunno if that helps, but it sucks to get left hangin’ here…:slight_smile:

Hope you figure it out


wow !
so… it’s about the hardware behind ? dam couldn’t think that’s possible.
thx 'ill look more into it.

I’ve got exactly the same problem since Nuendo 7
Very annoying bug.

… true maybe started with nuendo 7.

and very hard to reproduce…

well… i wonder if that has something to do with having two sessions and switching from one to another…
last time it happened was with 4 sessions all almost the same but some vsti differences.

i can almost confirm it’s related to multiple session switching. i just did it.
1- take a session with vsti (maybe multiple instance of same vsti also helps getting the bug)
2 - work on it for a while than reload and activate an auto backup from that session without closing first session.
3 - switch to previous session or close that backup session so the first session will automaticaly load.
4 - chances are some vsti (it happens to kontakt and omnisphere in my case) will be adressed to the wrong instance number (midi channels are fine)

can someone confirm that bug please ?

done it again.
switching between a backup session and the session i’m working on almost same in VSTi maybe just one instance added and all VSTi assignations are messed up.
try to report this to support doesn’t look like anyone is reading here.

happens with Vienna Instruments too
in my case i never leave a session open in the background, but it could be a autosave bug indeed